visit Healthcure Holistic Health Center in Paros island to enjoy a gua sha face massage and more holistic therapies, such as rejuvance, lymphatic, crystal massage, lymphatic face massage
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Τhe Gua Sha is an ancient treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which uses a painless facial and body scraping technique for beauty, health and wellness.

The Gua Sha for the body is known to many as a painful technique which leaves scars after healing. The facial Gua Sha technique uses a different procedure which is gentle without the risk of side effects. Specifically, it helps to balance, restore and revitalize the skin condition without the use of chemicals

or invasive surgical procedures. The process is simple, efficient and also very pleasing to the recipient.

After the area has been smeared with a special anti-aging oil enriched with essential oils, a facial massage follows with steady upward movements on the face, neck and décolleté using rounded plaques (of jade, agate or bone). The movements achieve a good blood circulation, nourish and oxygenate tissues and expel toxins through the lymph.

As a consequence, this technique has the following excellent beauty results in the first session:

-Face lift

-smoothes or even eliminates wrinkles

-reduces the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes

-oval tightening

-educes the visible dilated pores

-improves the texture and pigmentation of the skin

-face hydration

-relieves stress and provides a sense of revitalization

How many sessions are required and what is the frequency?

The Gua Sha with beauty treatment is completed in eight sessions of thirty minutes. After that follows a recommended maintenance of 1-2 sessions per month.

Additionally, long term efficiency can be achieved if this technique iscombined or supplemented with Rejuvance and/or massage with crystals, providing a holistic approach to anti-aging.

*preferential package: beauty package, combine this method with another anti-aging method, depending on your facial needs and use the sauna for 90 minutes

*All massage treatments use handmade natural essential oils