visit Healthcure Holistic Health Center in Paros island to enjoy a hot stones face massage and more holistic therapies, such as rejuvance, gua sha, crystal massage, lymphatic face massage
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Τhe massage with heated volcanic stones is an ancient therapy in many traditions. It combines the energy of a rock, heat and massage techniques. With this treatment the following results are obtained:

detoxication and shine of the skin

relief of muscle tension, smooth skin, general well-being

activation of microcirculation

deep relaxation

cell rejuvenation

improvement of the energy flow

stress and tension relief

preferential package: beauty package, duration 90 minutes, combining in accordance with your facial needs two or three anti-aging methods

preferential package:
Buy a wellness pack, duration 90 minutes, which includes a relaxing body massage, hot stones and facial treatment

* All massage treatments use handmade, natural, and essential oils.