visit Healthcure Holistic Health Center in Paros island to enjoy a rejuvance face massage and more holistic therapies, such as lymphatic, gua sha, crystal massage, lymphatic face massage
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Rejuvance is a natural face-lifting and anti-aging technique using a mild, energetic massage. It is enjoyable and beneficial to the recipient as it achieves visible results from the first sessions.

The facial muscles work all day long reflecting on our face any feelings and thoughts, leaving lines and tensions (eg. curl eyebrows and forehead) that we can not avoid, especially with the passage of time when they eventually become more pronounced.

With the Rejuvance technique, three basic levels of work are implemented in order to release tensions, to hydrate the skin and internally lift the face, neck and décolleté:

– Connective tissue

releases the connective tissue that tends to stick in the tissues and bones, giving the opportunity to collagen and elastin fibers beneath the skin to regain their elasticity, and improves the flow of gelatinous substance. All this contributes to a hydrated and smooth skin, and reduced or extinct lines.

– The muscles

We work on every facial muscle in detail to release the tensions of emotions and thoughts that are reflected in the face, neck and décolleté.

-The Energy channels

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have energy channels associated with each organ. There are several points on the face and neck that respond to these organs, such as the stomach, small and large intestines, the bile, etc. Massaging the face, we activate these organs and improve the overall energy flow, affecting not only the body but also our mental state. As a result we experience feelings of euphoria, laxity and well-being. The results after the first few sessions, as well as the overall results, will be as follows:

Tensions on the face are reduced or even disappear.

All the muscles of the face, skull and neck are massaged in a way that they regain their flexibility and toning. So, we immediately observe that the expressions on the face are softened and at the same time the face seems more relaxed. This is a striking result from the first session.

The soft lines dissolve and the deep lines become softer. Collagen and elastin fibers beneath the skin are plated along with the released muscle tensions. In this way the result is to dissolve or even eliminate the lines/ wrinkles on the face.

The quality of the skin is improved. It feels more moisturized and large pores shrink. The liquid beneath the skin (connective tissue) becomes better and the cells are able to feed from the flow, hydrating the skin and making it very soft.

The skin becomes flexible again. As the connective tissue tends to stick on a muscle or bone, now it feels free again and released, giving elasticity to the skin.

The skin regains a natural, healthy color, improves blood circulation and oxygenates the cells, allowing a natural rosy color to cheeks, and generally a health glow.
Swelling and dark circles under the eyes are greatly improved. The blood vessel circulation is improved, the oxygenated cells release toxins through the flow of lymph. So it is a natural result that the eyes look and feel better.

Slows down facial aging.

With the Rejuvance techniques collagen and elastic fibers recover their elasticity, the cells are oxygenated through improved blood circulation and the muscle tensions are dissolved, slowing down all processes that contribute to aging.

Furthermore, a maintenance session is recommended one to two times per month in order to maintain and enhance the results, making the face younger for longer.

Relief from headaches: The bile and liver channels are the ones mainly responsible for headaches when not harmonically energy-balanced. During a session we massage the channels passing through the regions of the face and skalp, absolving all the accumulated energy in the channels  and as a consequence we reduce or relieve headaches.

Body and mental relaxation: The mild touch calms the nervous system of the recipient. Combined with the relieved energy channels, we experience a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing simultaneously.

How many Sessions are required and what is the frequency?

This beauty treatment has really excellent results and can be accomplished through only six sessions, all of which work in an accumulative way.

Maintenance recommended: One to two sessions per month in order to maintain the RESULTS of slow aging. It can work even more efficiently and long-term, if combined or supplemented with Gua Sha facial or a massage with crystals and/or hot stones face massage, providing a holistic approach to anti-aging.


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