visit Healthcure Holistic Health Center in Paros island to enjoy a Holistic Therapy appointment including, acupuncture, herbology, counseling, psychotherapy , energy diet
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In the sessions of holistic treatments, we work on the basis of Chinese medicine 中醫 and its tools, meaning the combination of the treatment of the heart (XinFa), counseling, acupuncture, herbal medicine, the combination of Greek and Chinese food, as well as the therapeutic method of Chinese Health Qigong.

The aim of this holistic healing technique is to work at the root of the problem which causes the disease and relieve the patient by eliminating the cause and the symptoms surrounding it.

Nothing we face in life is random, but we often do not know the cause of a result, we do not know when this seed was planted (of the disease), and now we face a fully grown tree! For us it is most important to change the way we think, rather than just treat the symptoms, because changing the way of thinking means we create the right conditions, where diseases and symptoms cannot exist. We do not cure the disease at the very exact point of its physical manifestation, but we are working on this right point, where it started. In our brain and our heart!

So we work with holistic medicine which is defined correctly, only when we consider taking into account both the emotional and the physical components of health and illness. Diagnosis* relies on both the organic and the emotional level in order to achieve an effective therapy with correct scientific work.

With the help of all the above conclusions, which are based on experience, we will identify together the interaction of body, mind and soul.
*Accurate diagnosis determines the location and nature of a disease (inner-outer, cold-hot, exaggeration-deficiency, Yin-Yang). The therapist exposes the underlying causes of the disease, the mechanism and the level of the disease, identifies the syndrome based on the imbalance and only then begins the appropriate treatment.

The diagnoses of most symptom treatments are based on unstable and shaky ground,
because the way of classic medicine is to treat symptoms ignoring the phychosomatic relation with the disease.

The disease is the treatment of life itself! Show fearlessness when facing a disease, because it is a great teacher. Keep a positive attitude towards life. Every man must follow himself and his own path to truth. This has happened before, but the past is gone and the future has not come yet. The “now” is everything, seize it, plant good seeds, set solid foundations with true human values and virtues – it is absolutely certain that it will have good results! Come together to open the gate of Yourself!