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Phoebe Anastasaki – Mantopoulou, graduate of Philosophy- Pedagogy – Psychology, Psychotherapist

I was born and raised in Athens. As a child I had intense philosophical concerns and a great interest in anything related to Greek philosophy and language.

After graduating from the highly renowned High Schoοl Anavryta, I studied Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology at Athens University/ School of Philosophy, where I obtained a BA in Philology and specialized in Psychology.

I have worked in the field of arts (theatre groups, ballet, music) as well as experimenting in different kinds of yoga, such as Hatha, Ashtanga and Kundalini for about seven years, when I completed my training and became a teacher in yoga and meditation. During this time I dealt with some energy therapies and I realized how much I enjoyed being in contact with other people and therefore I started training in many types of massage and in natural anti- aging methods.

In early 2017 I started my studies in the 5 year School of Body Psychotherapy with the approach of Biosynthesis, a holistic healing approach of the person as a soul, body and energy. I now practice this psychotherapeutic method and I am a member of the IFB (International Foundation Biosynthesis) and PESOPS (Panhellenic Association of Somatic Psychotherapists). At the same time I attend philosophical conferences and coordinate groups of “embodied Philosophy” which is an experiential fusion of Philosophy and Psychotherapy. At the same time Ι attend philosophical seminars and conferences because of my great passion for Philosophy. I coordinate “embodied philosophy” groups which is an experiential fusion of Philosophy and Psychotherapy. The path of learning never stops. For this reason I seize every opportunity to continue my education by participating in seminars and programs.

The fact that I had knowledge in Philosophy, Psychology , Holistic Medicine and specifically in embryology, psycholgy of the emryo and issues around the period of the birth , played a key role in the way I experienced my own pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. This made me even more sensitive to issues related to motherhood (before and after birth) , as well as parental education to prepare and welcome children.

In my daily life I try to exercise, to meditate, to eat healthily and to be authentic in my relationships. I believe that all these factors contribute to the enhancement to the rise of mankind.