visit Healthcure Holistic Health Center in Paros island to enjoy a massage for pregnant women and more holistic therapies, such as relaxing massage, dynamic massage, cellulite, lymphatic massage
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Massage for pregnant women is a precautionary
relaxing and at the same time therapeutic massage
which is performed to women during pregnancy
and helps in releasing the tension
from the stressed muscles,
lifting the extra weight
of the fetus, and relaxes the nervous
system from the stress of pregnancy.
The therapist applies gentle pressure on some
specific points of the pregnant body
(feet, waist, neck, upper limps)
in order to relax the muscles and improve
blood and lymph circulation.
During the session you can sit on your back
so that the therapist exerts
gentle pressure on the limps,
the soles and neck, or you can sit on your side.
You can start doing massage
after the third month of pregnancy
and after consulting your gynecologist.
* The massage for pregnant women
is contraindicated in certain cases,
so first consult your gynecologist.