visit Healthcure Holistic Health Center in Paros island to enjoy a full body lymphatic massage and more holistic therapies, such as relaxing massage, dynamic massage, cellulite, massage for pregnant women
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Τhe lymphatic massage is a gentle massage that aims to activate the circulation and peristalsis of lymph, in order to drain the lymphatic fluid with special techniques and to help in its recycling.

The benefits:

It increases the flow of lymph, thus helping the body to eliminate the cellular
“garbage” (Detoxication)

It rejuvenates tissues and results in wellness and empowerment.

It restores the balance in the body and the human body organ functionality.

It stimulates the immune system-defense-organism.

Improves the health and beauty of the skin.

It is uniquely effective in treating cellulite, relaxation, and obesity.

The implementation of lymphatic massage is indicated for the treatment of lymphedema.