Online Treatments
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Online Treatments

The center of body, mental health and healing arts Healthcure – Υγείασις, provides online Psychotherapy sessions with the somatic approach of Biosynthesis and online sessions of Chinese Medicine for those of you , who live far or you don’t have access in our office.

We offer a 20 minute informative session about these online sessions.

More details…

Biosynthesis as a psychotherapeutic method adresses to the body, mind and spirituality of each person as a ” whole”. It aims to remove the disintegration of the ” whole” by strengthening the connection between the three basic aspects of the human existence: the physical being, the psychological experience and the spiritual essence. Biosynthesis recognizes the uniqueness of each person and the multidude of effects on his formation. Man is treated as multidimensional and different levels of experience and expression are understood as interdependent fields of human existance or fields of life. As therapeutic tools Biosynthesis uses techniques of movement, breathing and emotional charge / discharge with the main axis of the therapeutic relationship.

Through Chinese Medicine we combine: Counseling, Herbology, a combination of Greek and Chinese nutrition as well as the therapeutic method of Qi-gong exercise. The purpose of this holistic treatment technique is to work at the root of the problem of the disease and to get rid from it, as well as the symptoms that surround it. The diagnosis is made on an organic and emotional level, in order to achieve effective treatment and proper scientific work. Through the above conclusions based on experience, we will organize together the interaction of body- mind and soul.

People may choose online therapy for a variety of reasons:

  • Some people are more comfortable and open while at home.
  • Some people may not be able to leave home.
  • It is often easier to schedule for those who have a busy schedule.
  • Onine therapy allows people to work with therapists that are at a great distance that cannot be traveled back and forth for appointments.
  • Online therapy allows continuity of sessions when out of town for holidays or business.


For further information about Biosynthesis:  http://biosynthesis.gr/

For further information about Body Psychotherapy: http://www.pesops.gr/somatic_psychotherapy/whatitis/