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Spyros Maganiotis – Holistic Therapist – Chinese Medicine – Body Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Biosynthesis)

In 2007, I embarked on journey of self awareness that deeply transformed me. I was initiated into the domain of holistic therapy. Ever since I have never stopped studying, evolving, bettering myself as a person and as therapist, through the ancient sciences of healing.

The holistic way treats the human being as a whole, derived from three parts: Body, Spirit and Soul. Hence, when dealing with malady and malaise, it becomes evident that diagnosis, intervention and healing has to take all three into account, with special emphasis in human psychology.

In 2012, Healthcure was created, my Center for Holistic Therapy and Wellbeing, in New Erythraia of Athens, Greece. Despite the following 4 years of successful operation it was my verdict that the big city and it’s ways come in direct contradiction with the type of therapies I wish to offer and with the wellbeing that we all seek as human beings. It became evident that a more tranquil environment would provide a better basis for progressing my work to the next level.

By relocating to the island of Paros Greece in 2016, I created Healthcure – Paros. During its 3 years of operation, our office offered a variety of services : holistic treatments, psychotherapy, exercise, Chinese medicine and massages. Also it has exclusively equipped the spa services for 4 successful seasons in the luxury Saint Andreas Resort in Naoussa, in villas, in yachts and more.

Since the birth of our son, me and my wife had the need of internalization and contact with wild green nature. So, we transferred in a beautiful village of east Pelion, where we own a traditional stone house, to write and to study. During the summer Healthcure is active on Paros and during the winter it is active in Athens, Volos and Pelion after the planning of the treatment spaces we maintain.  I also provide online sessions all year round.

In my personal time, I practice Qi-Gong, Wing Chun, various methods of meditation, I study and further enrich my knowledge and consciously live a balanced life, including dietary habits and social relationships.

My certifications, theoretical and practical studies.

Chinese Medicine

-2008: Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese medicine.

Duration: 5 years , 1186 hours


  • Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine: 90 hours
  • Theory of Ancient Greek Medicine: 48 hours
  • Acupuncture: 332hours
  • Nutrition: 74hours
  • Diagnosis (traditional and western types) : 100hours
  • Anatomy: 120hours
  • Analysis of Hippocrates books: 18hours
  • Astrology: 70hours
  • Su Jok: 40hours
  • Gua sha: 8hours
  • Moxibustion: 16hours
  • Cupping: 16hours
  • Greek Herbalism: 56
  • Chinese Herbalism: 104
  • Bee therapy: 24hours
  • Chinese Language: 70hours

-2012: Acupuncture Seminars and Practical’s in Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tianjin, China

Training hours: 108

-2013: Participation at the 3rd International TCM congress

Training hours: 25

-2014: Post Graduate studies in Chinese medicine at AOM (Αrt of Οriental Μedicine) with Vita Revelli

Training hours: 112

2014: Stared the 4 year course in Qi Gong at the Hellenic Health Qi Gong Association

Training hours: 330

2014: Seminar in Sujok at the International sujok association Moscow

Training hours: 25

2014: Fertility seminar, at Hun Yuan Fertility

Training hours: 30

2015: Seminar at the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association

Training hours: 32

2015: Membership in the Hellenic Association of Chinese Medicine

2016: Diploma of the American Hunyuan Research Institute becoming Hunyuan Practitioner, member of the Institute

Training hours: 144

2016: Seminar Stems and Branches with Deborah Woolf (Icom-Uk)

Training hours: 10

-2016: 1st Duan in Health Qi gong & 2nd Duan in Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong

-2016 seminar with subject cosmic micro orbit, inner smile, healing sounds and consciousness dreaming with master Juan li

Training hours: 48

-2017: Level 1,2 in Emei Daoist Alchemy School of Medicine And Health Cultivation

Training hours: 48

-2018 seminar with subject harmonizing the 5 elements with master Juan li

Training hours: 48

2017: continuing education in the American Hunyuan Research Institute

Training hours: 48


-2016: Experimental seminar “trauma”, with the “biosynthesis” approach to psychotherapy, as an introduction to the 5 year study cycle in the specific school.

Training hours: 10

-2017: Second experimental seminar “trauma”, with the physical approach to psychotherapy.

Training hours: 10

-2017 The Lesson of Counseling psychology

Training hours: 30

2017: Initiation of studies in the Physical Psychotherapy method “Biosynthesis” of a 5 year cycle and became a member of the International Foundation for Biosynthesis (IFB).

The specific certification is recognized by the European Associations for Body Psychotherapy (ΕΑΒΡ), the European Association of Psychotherapy (ΕΑΡ) and the World Council of Psychotherapy (WCP).

Biosynthesis is the only school of Physical Psychotherapy that is recognized by the EAP and the graduates of the Greek Center for Biosynthesis immediately become holders of the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP).

Training hours: 1609

-2017 Seminar with subject bonding with Mark Ludwig

Training hours:18

-2018 Lesson of Νeurophysiology &Neuroanatomy 2018

Training hours:18

-2018 Lesson of Theory of personalities

Training hours:30

-2018 Lesson Biosynthesis and Children’s

Training hours:36

2018: Third experimental seminar “trauma”, with the physical approach to psychotherapy specialized in the energy center of the heart with Vasilis Christodoulou.

Training hours:  18hours

2018: Seminar “Greece- Japan: Feelings & Dreams” from the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco

Training hours: 18

2018: Seminar in Vagus Nerve -The Polyvagal Theory of emotion του Stephen Porges with Mark Ludwig

Training hours:  18hours

-2016 member of IFB (International Foundation Biosynthesis) & EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy).

-2018: Member of PESOPS Greek Association for Body Psychotherapy

-2019: Began a bachelor (BSc) in psychology



-2008 1st year in Shiatsu in the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese medicine

Training hours: 60

-2010 1st level in Ayurveda Shiatsu in the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese medicine

Training hours: 60

-2013 Thai oil Massage

Training hours:12

-2013: Thai Yoga Massage at Sunshine House by Mr. Takis Economou.

Training hours: 90


-2008: Self consciousness and self amelioration seminars, in closed group specialist in counseling psychology Duration: 228hrs

The following years, many seminars under the same subject (psychology, self consciousness, self amelioration) followed.

-2008 Seminar 7 days in book of  celestine prophecy James Redfield 56hours

-2009 seminar 7 days James Redfield 56hours
seminar in the anger management 12hours

-2009 : 1st Degree Reiki of Usui Reiki Healing Method by Moscha Skorda

Training hours: 16.

-2010 seminar 7 days in Osho Meditation

Training hours: 56hours

-2011 Seminar 7 days in the book the secrets of sambala James Redfield

Training hours: 56hours

-2015  Basic Level in Theta Healing Method

Working Experience

Since 2013 I work exclusively in Health subject as a Holistic Therapist specialized in Body Psychotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Counseling, massages and teaching Qi Gong and meditation.

I also continue my personal and group therapy and supervising.