Parent Counselling

Parent Counselling


Deal directly and effectively with communication, parenting and daily challenges in the family by improving your relationship with your children.

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Why Parent Counselling?

Parenting can be beautiful and rewarding, but it is also demanding and creates stress, anxiety and questions.

As parents ourselves, we discover daily challenges that we never expected or knew about before having our children! 

It is difficult for us parents to understand what is right.
And the truth is that there is not always a right answer. 
It is important to accept that there are choices to be made and that these choices are often accompanied by stress.

At Healthcure, we understand how important family is to psychosocial health, and with love and respect, we provide you with the support you need to create a strong and happy family life.

We’re here to help you discover new possibilities and enjoy every moment with your children.

Contact us today to start this journey towards a more balanced and happy family life.

Who the Parents’ Counselling is addressed to

To the mother and father who feel they don’t have enough time to spend with their children and are looking for advice on how to reconnect and create a more meaningful bond with them.

Parents who have problems with their children’s difficulties in managing their emotions and challenges in their daily lives.

To parents who feel impatient and anxious about their children’s development and are looking for solutions on how to help them as effectively as possible.

Parents who have noticed increased behavioural and school adjustment issues in their children.

They feel hopeless and anxious about their future and are looking for advice on how to help them overcome these difficulties.

Parent groups / parenting groups / parenting courses

At Healthcure we are advocates of team dynamics and interactivity.

For this reason, we organise parent meetings and courses that provide information and advice on education and parenting issues.

Parents find support from other parents facing similar challenges.

Social relationships are formed with other parents and a sense of community is created.

Parenting Groups and parenting classes offer parents the opportunity to share experiences, learn new skills and develop community, while individual parental counselling focuses on personalised support and advice for each individual family.

The choice depends on the needs and preferences of the parent(s).

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Individual Parent Counselling

At Healthcure Psychotherapy Center we provide parents with individualized counseling sessions aimed at providing them with the necessary tools and strategies to improve their parenting skills and effectively deal with various problems, challenges or difficulties related to the upbringing of their children.

The process of individual parent counselling usually includes the following stages:

  • Evaluation: Initially, the parent meets with our counselor to discuss concerns and set goals for counseling
  • Discussions and Sessions:The sessions usually include talks, advice and education to help the parent deal with their issues.
  • Application: The parent applies the new skills and strategies learned in the sessions to their daily life.
  • Progress assessment: During the sessions, progress is assessed and goals are adjusted accordingly.
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Common questions

1. What is the difference between individual parenting counselling and parenting groups?

Individual parental counselling is personalised and provides one-to-one support and advice, while parenting groups are collective meetings with other parents to share experiences, views and skills..

2. How can parent counselling help solve problems in our family?

Parent counseling provides tools and techniques to address problems in communication, parenting, coping with challenges and improving relationships.

3. What are the key benefits of parenting classes and parenting groups?

Key benefits include developing parenting skills, sharing experiences, support from other parents and increased self-confidence.

4.  What is the aim of individual parental counselling?

The aim of individual parental counselling is to provide individualised support and advice to parents in dealing with specific problems in their family.

5. What is required to participate in a parenting group?

To join a parenting group, you simply need to contact and sign up to that group.

6. How can I contact you to make an appointment for parent counselling?

You can contact us via the Healthcure contact page to make an appointment for parent counselling.